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Anna Lydia Svalastog and Gunlög Fur (eds.): VISIONS OF SÀPMI

15-11-04 Omslag mellomstor

Visions of Sápmi is a richly illustrated nordic anthology on Sami history, culture and art.

The nordic countries are populated by an indigenous people that has lived with «immigrants» through centuries. However, the Sami people became «the others»..

In earlier studies the will and the ability to understand the multiplicity of Sami history, culture and ways of thinking has often been missing.

The intetion of this book is to present some of the richness from this commen nordic Sami culture and art.

The book is in English with a summary in North Sami language.

ISBN 978-82-8221-011-9

Design: Ulf Verner Carlsson

230 x 270 mm

Edition: 500 x

200 pages

78 images

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