Stein Rønning: Stein Rønning

Rønning omslag mini

Stein Rønning side

The artist, Stein Rønning’s, work from late 2009, a series of photographs of arrangements of cardboard-boxes, is the starting point of a conversation between the artist and professor of art theory, Stian Grøgaard. The conversation deals with Stein Rønning’s works from the 70’s up until 2010. The works are also represented as images.

Additional texts by Stian Grøgaard and Per Bj. Boym points to different ways of approaching Stein Rønning’s art.

Idea and design: Stein Rønning.

ISBN 978-82-8221-002-7

Text in Norwegian and English..

250 x 195 mm, 90 pages

Edition 500. Numbered.

Price NOK 200,-  (+shipping costs)                                                                   BUY BOOKS?

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