Morten Krohg: Reconstructed Memories

Krohg Rekonstruerte omslagThe book presents the artwork Reconstructed Memories. 60 quotes from philosophical, poetic and other sources are combined with boxes containing «quotes» from a barn under reconstruction and other found objects.

Reconstructed Memories was created in the years  2000 through 2007. The book was produced immidiately after the work was finished

Morten Krohg (b. 1937) ended his work as a professor in esthetics at the University College of Oslo in 2007. He had his artistic education in Oslo and Paris from 1956 to 1961.

Idea and design: Morten Krohg.

ISBN 978‐82‐8221‐004‐1

Text in Norwegian and English.

270 x 195 mm, 272 pages

Edition 500. Numbered.

Price NOK 250,‐

The book is sold out from the publisher. Contact the artist, Morten Krohg, about available copies:

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