Ingrid Berven: Passion and Polemics

The artist, Ingrid Berven, presented her video-installation Passion and Polemics in 2008. 12 critiques from different art-fields answered 15 questions from the artist.

Ingrid Berven: Pasjon og polemikk. Omslagsfoto fra installasjonen i Hordaland Kunstnersenter januar 2008.

Those 12 were Knut Ove Arntzen, Gunnar Danbolt, Tone Hansen, Glenn Erik Haugland, Ingvill Henmo, Knut Kolnar, Jan H. Landro, Siri Lexau, Jan Nyberg, Tommy Olsson, Marit Paasche and Sigrun Åsebø.

The book relates to the videowork in the way that here you will find the answers in print.

A DVD with a documentation of the video-installtion follows the book.

Ingrid Berven had her education from art academies in Bergen and in Helsinki in the 1990’s.

ISBN 978-82-8221-005-8

Text in Norwegian and English.

245 x 220 mm, 92 pages

Edition 500. Numbered.

Price NOK 200,-   (+shipping costs)                                                               BUY BOOKS?

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