Heidi Kennedy Skjerve: Herefrom – Hereto


Heidi Kennedy Skjerve forside

Heidi Kennedy Skjerve side

The book presents some work from the period 1984 through 2010, with a focus on knitted works and drawings from the later years.

The book was publish to the artist’s exhibition in Bergen Art Museum in 2010.

Texts by director Erlend G. Høyersten and the art historians Vibeke Wollann Hansen and Per Bj. Boym.

There is also an interview with the artist by Vibeke Wollann Hansen.

ISBN 978-82-8221-007-2

Text in Norwegian and English.

250 x 220mm, 86 pages.

Edition 500.

Price NOK 200,-  (+shipping costs)                                                                BUY BOOKS?

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