Leif Gabrielsen, Jiri Havran, Raymond Mosken: Årdal – what?

ÅRDAL – WHAT? PHOTOGRAPHS 2009 – 2010 is the result of a project spanning over 18 months. The three photographers experienced the area in the innermost of the longest fjord in Norway, Sognefjorden, from many places and situations, in different moods and with different ways of seeing.

The Norwegian author Agnar Mykle (1915-1994) visited Årdal in 1950 and wrote the article «The aluminium factory at Årdal. Socialism or what?» His evaluation of the situation was this: «The fontline of the battle of Norway is taking place in Årdal.»

The time when the three photographers visited Årdal is different from when Mykle was there. However, the industry has continued. Now it is hightech and globalised. At the same time mental work and feminization of work has found a prominent place in this society.

This place and this time has been in front of the cameras. The result is three different views showing landscape, architecture, interiors and people. Questioning the wondering of the times we live in and what possibilities there are.

The book contains Agnar Mykles article from 1950, a text by Per Bj. Boym and more that 230 photographs.

Editor: Per Bj. Boym.

Design: Stein Rønning.

ISBN 978-82-8221-008-9

Text in Norwegian and English.

320 x 250 mm, 304 pages.

Edition 650.

Price NOK 570,-   (+shipping costs)                                                                    BUY BOOKS?

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