Egil Martin Kurdøl’s trilogy 1999 – 2003 – 2009

Egil Martin Kurdøl produced a series of three permanent installations / sculptures in the high mountains of Norway in the years 1998 – 2007.

EMK Feste forsideFESTE (ATTACH) is placed in five different places in and around Breheimen National Park and was finished in 1998. The book «FESTE (ATTACH)» was published by the artist in 1999.

EMK Perpetuum forsidePERPETUUM IMMOBILE is placed in the mountains above Ringebu (Ringebufjellet) and was finished in 2001. The book «PERPETUUM IMMOBILE» was published by the artist in 2003.

KVariabel_omslagkonstantvariabel (constantvariable) is placed in Gropmarka above Lillehammer and was finished in 2007. The book «konstantvariabel (constantvariable)» was published in 2009 by Arthub Publisher.

For all books:
290 x 290 mm
Norwegian and English text

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